October 22, 2017

Sunset Over Boise


Sunset Over Boise Sunset Over Boise

Capital Building


Capital Building Capital Building

Camel’s Back Park

Camel's Back Park is located in the historic north end of Boise, backed up against the foothills. Camel's Back Park is very dog friendly and Camel's Back features Boise's most popular hill to hike up aside from Table Rock.

Veterns Memorial Park

Located right inside the city of Boise, Veterans Memorial park offers a surprisingly tranquil setting where bike riders, walkers, and runners can all enjoy a small lake and the Boise River. The park connects with Boise`s Greenbelt pathway and has parking for Greenbelt access. Veterans Memorial Park has a Memorial Plaza that contains a number of different monuments and memorials that have been erected in honor of our veterans. Veterans park has a reasonable playground and is fairly well maintained.

Bogus Basin Ski Resort

The mountaintops of Idaho are an ideal site for snowboarding and skiing, and Bogus Basin does not disappoint. "Bogus Basin is a Great Local Ski Resort" is how many people will describe this little gem of a ski area. Bogus Basin is so close to Boise, ID and the relatively cheap pass makes it a great place to visit for some fun. Only a 30 min drive from Boise, ID and less than $50 for the day make it a great choice if your in the area.

Ivywild Park

Ivywild Park gets five stars for all the activities it offers and even stands out in Boise, which has plenty of great parks. Pool, Tennis, Baseball, and a great playground.