October 22, 2017

Camel’s Back Park

Camel’s Back Park is located in the historic north end of Boise, backed up against the foothills. Camel’s Back Park is very dog friendly and Camel’s Back features Boise’s one of the most popular trails to hike in Boise. Steep and sandy make for a great workout on the front trail, their are others that are more mellow and all offer a great view of the city. Some trails from Camel’s Back Park will even take you into the Boise National Forest. There are bathrooms and drinking fountains in the park. To avoid crowds, go at off-peak hours and mid-week. Camelback Loop Mountain biking trail in Camel’s Back Park is about 5 miles long and gains about 600 feet, with an intermediate skill level. The park also, has a great playground, green grass, sand volleyball area, tennis and pretty good parking. Camel’s Back Park comes with a high recommendation on a nice day.